4.2. ContributingΒΆ

Development is coordinated entirely via the projects github page especially the issue tracker.

You can send patches to notmuch’s mailing list but pull requests on github are preferred. Here are a few more things you should know and check before you send pull requests:

  • Follow PEP 8. This means in particular a maximum linewidth of 79 and no trailing white spaces. If in doubt, use an Automatic tool ([0], [1], [2]) to verify your code.
  • Document! Needless to say, we want readable and well documented code. Moreover,
    • use sphinx directives to document the parameters and return values of your methods so that we maintain up-to-date API docs.
    • Make sure your patch doesn’t break the API docs. The build service at readthedocs.org is fragile when it comes to new import statements in our code.
    • If you implemented a new feature, update the user manual in /docs/user accordingly.