3.2. AccountsΒΆ

In order to be able to send mails, you have to define at least one account subsection in your config: There needs to be a section “accounts”, and each subsection, indicated by double square brackets defines an account.

Here is an example configuration

        realname = Bruce Wayne
        address = b.wayne@wayneenterprises.com
        alias_regexp = b.wayne\+.+@wayneenterprises.com
        gpg_key = D7D6C5AA
        sendmail_command = msmtp --account=wayne -t
        sent_box = maildir:///home/bruce/mail/work/Sent
        draft_box = maildir:///home/bruce/mail/work/Drafts

        realname = Batman
        address = batman@batcave.org
        aliases = batman@batmobile.org,
        sendmail_command = msmtp --account=batman -t
        signature = ~/.batman.vcf
        signature_as_attachment = True


Sending mails is only supported via a sendmail shell command for now. If you want to use a sendmail command different from sendmail -t, specify it as sendmail_command.

The following entries are interpreted at the moment: